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Will mini geek survive as a car speeds towards him? What effects how quick it stops? Who lives? Who dies? More importantly, who cares? Join us in this GCSE level adventure or simply show it to KS3 Science students so they can annoy their parents about speeding! Who says too much education can be a bad thing? The video introduces the concepts of overall stopping distance, braking distance and thinking distance. It also looks at the factors that can increase a car’s overall stopping distance and wether these things link to the braking or thinking distance. Ideal for revision or introducing the concepts for the first time in the classroom, this valuable teaching aid comes complete with a complementary worksheet linked to the video. Please support the website by directing parents to the science Geeks shop where they can satisfy all their textbook and revision guide needs! Follow us also on ‘Twitter’ and ‘facebook’ for all the latest technology, science and space news!