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Wonders of the Solar System, Series 1 - Wonders of the Solar System
What is redshift? And what is this Doppler effect? What does this tell us about the universe? Quite a lot actually. Enter the realms of Astrophysics as we look at the evidence for an expanding universe and learn how it all began! Top level Science taught in a mere time frame of two short minutes. Educational gold! The video is specifically useful for Science and Physics GCSE preparation. Redshift is a notoriously hard concept to illustrate, as is the Doppler effect. The animations in this video illustrate it simply and the accompanying worksheet draws specifically on the knowledge presented in the clip. I even use this with my A level students! Sometimes a school text book can’t explain things clearly enough! Future Astronomers start here! In a few years, you could be the next Brian Cox! Follow both him and us on ‘Twitter’ for all the latest science news!