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Find out how sounds are made and why they often sound different!? More importantly, discover what the terms frequency, ultrasound and amplitude mean! Ideal for GCSE and KS3 Physics lessons! On top of that join in our sing a long song!!!! Or, alternatively, don’t bother! This video inroduces student to sound waves and how they are caused by vibrations. It show how these vibrations can be shown on a cathode ray oscilloscope and how the frequency and amplitude of these vibrations affect the appearance of the waves shown. It also introduces ultrasound and, thanks to the stirling efforts and Oscar winning performance of Toby the dog, how animals often have a different hearing range compared to humans! Worth seeing, if only for Toby, this is a concise, Science lesson revision aid on this topic. Worksheets and educational resources to follow! Meanwhile, check out the latest offers on text books, revision guides, DVD’s, games and gadgets in the science geeks shop!!! Oh and follow us on facebook and Twitter for all the latest science news!