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What types of energy are found in the universe? And how does it turn into one type of energy to another? Science Geeks will suffer as we embark on a series of deadly experiments in order to investigate! Not all of them will survive! This video is ideal for Science students at Key stage three and GCSE! Please make use of the accompanying worksheets and posters too which link specifically to this video! At 10 minutes long, the video introduces the ten major energy types that make up the universe. It concentrates in more detail on the difficult concepts of gravitational potential energy and elastic potential energy. It also emphasises the principle of conservation of energy as well. It functions well as a revision tool and also can be used especially effectively in conjunction with the resources found through the links above. Don’t forget to also check out the up to date range of revision guides and textbooks at the Science Geeks shop! Also follwo us on ‘Twitter’ and ‘facebook’ for all the latest science news!