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The geeky profs investigate speed with the help of a well dressed jogger and funny bunny. They also learn about distance-time graphs, what they mean and how they are useful for other things aside from passing your Physics and Science GCSE examinations! The video recaps the speed formula before showing how the shape of distance-time graphs can be used to interpret the motion of an object and how the speed can be calculated from the gradient. The accompanying resources should also prove useful as revision tools or for general class room use. All for free! Use along with worksheets and school textbooks and revision guides for maximum effect! Don’t forget to follow us on ‘twitter’ and ‘facebook’ to keep up with all the latest scientific developments.
Science Geeks go musical!!! A new way to try and learn science via the medium of music...! The singing science triplets sing their stuff, but not without interuption! Great for auditory/ visual learners - if such a thing exists! Give it a try!